Many years ago now, on a wing-and-a-prayer, I moved cross-country to LA to see what kind of writer and person I could become. And what an experience it's been! I currently teach at Santa Monica College and love it when the students call me "Professor."

I earned five (5) California teaching credentials and my MASTER'S DEGREE (in Education) at California State University Los Angeles, enabling me to pursue my talent for teaching. Later, I was certified in Paralegal Studies at LA City College to combine my strong writing abilities with my admin/organizational skills in the legal arena. My favorite jobs to-date have been in the fields of real estate, entertainment, journalism and education.

I live on a quiet street in a quiet area of Los Angeles (I think there's a photo on here someplace showing me reading out on my balcony) and I work in a variety of fields dedicated to pursuits that I find personally satisfying and important in the scheme of life. Highlights have been my "TRANSIT TV TEACHER" television program and my catalog of writing projects - books, essays, short stories, screenplays, genealogy, educational theory, instructional lessons, personal letters, etc. I've never had a day of writer's block in my life.

I don't carry a cell phone around to distract my attention or clutter my thoughts in life. A few friends, a good book, a glass of decent mid-priced wine, and a little classical music (the Sundays Live concerts at LACMA and LA Phil summer concerts at the Hollywood Bowl) is all I need. And some fond memories of meaningful moments to reflect on my life. And as Stephen Sondheim said ...the days go by...


I've gotten this far in life with my health in-tact and my talents exercised. In the modern world, I consider that an achievement.