To-date, I've written 30+ film/TV/web projects of varying genres (drama, comedy, thrillers, stage plays, etc.) during my years in Los Angeles. Several have been optioned at one time or another. I've also written a few books and short stories, one of which won a campus-wide creative writing award at LA City College and was my mother's favorite story. (Both were validating!) Also, a 1st-prize essay that landed me my own educational television show here in LA. And 30+ installments in my "Adventures In Education" series which I add to every time I have an interesting teaching assignment in elementary/ middle/high schools or even the local prison facilities and one state prison!


The Cleaning Lady

Bound By Nightfall

A Benediction for Zacky

Today I Gave $151.37 To A Homeless Person

A Garden Variety (Gang) Murder

1st Prize, campus-wide 12th Annual Short Story Writing Contest, Los Angeles City College, 2010. (Fiction)

A love story. (Fiction) (Dedicated to the memory of DWA)

My experiences with a homeless man living on a sidewalk in East LA. (Autobiographical)

My experiences taking a young homeless man off the streets for a day. (Autobiographical)

Follows the events of a small-time gang-related murder in Northeast LA, and its tragic aftermath. (Reality)


A President With Big Stick Impact

1st Prize winning essay on 26th President Theodore Roosevelt in the Transit TV Essay Contest, 2008.

SCREENPLAYS (Genres: Comedy / Rom-Com)

Pull Your Damn Pants Up! (The Over-Underwearers)

Love Sports

Two Too Old

Curing America's stupidest teen fashion trend . . . one ass at a time! (Comedy)

A sports-themed battle of the sexes. Three couples draw battle lines in their relationships: the women want culture and the Home Shopping Network; the guys want beer and sports. (Rom-Com)

Two women in a nursing home escape a la 'Thelma & Louise' in a red Porsche, one step ahead of their pursuers, to find adventure and danger in their golden years. (Comedy)

SCREENPLAYS (Genres: Family / Holiday / Drama)


(Genres: Documentary / Web / Reality TV / MOWs / Stage Plays / Mini-Series / Short Films)

SCREENPLAYS (Genres: Horror / Thriller / Tentpole)

Half His Daughter

A grieving father pays the $1,500 ransom and in return receives...half his daughter. (Crime / Horror)

Hogan's Heroes: London Calling

A Garden Variety Gang Murder

The classic 1970s sitcom becomes a WWII comedy/action series. As General Douglas MacArthur said, “Old soldiers never die, they simply…” live on (hysterically) at Stalag 13! (Action/Comedy)

Do the crime, do the time...even if you're only 18. Two LA youths set out to prove their manhood by killing a rival gang member. (Treatment actual murder case)

SCREENPLAYS (Genre: BioPics)

A Garden Variety Gang Murder

True story of adolescent bravado and a senseless street killing in Los Angeles. (Treatment)


B.A.T.T. (Beat Any Traffic Ticket)

4 Steps to Clean Credit in 1 Year

The ultimate guide to beating your traffic ticket before the trial even begins! (How-To; Self-Help)

A simple, no-hassle method for removing bad credit items from national credit reports. (How-To; Self-Help)