To-date, I've written 26 screenplays/projects during my years in Los Angeles, of varying genres (drama, comedy, thrillers, stage, etc.). Several have been optioned at one time or another. I'm not (yet) in the Writers Guild of America. (That's a future goal.) I've also written 3 books (two How-To's and a novel) and several short stories, one of which won a campus-wide award among some stiff competition. (Validating!) Oh, and a first-prize essay that landed me my own educational television show. And 33 installments in my "Adventures In Education" series which I add to every time I go on an interesting substitute teaching assignment in elementary/middle/high schools or even the local jails/prisons. I've also penned several educational theory pieces to revamp education policy and instruction. As I say, if you have nothing to think about, you have nothing to write about!